Meet Beth. Beth lives her life on demand.
quick montage of beth living her life on demand​​​​​​​
Orders takeout
Orders takeout
Sits down to watch on demand video
Sits down to watch on demand video
Opens laptop to search on ""
Opens laptop to search on ""
Cut to Zillow bullpen full of busy workers
And we meet our narrator, Azula Sitting at her computer, she speaks directly to camera
Zillow sees millions  of Beths per day​​​​​​​
Azula stands, looking out over the bullpen
so... Let's Team Up
Series of Video portraits of Reps
Every four seconds, Zillow connects a Beth to a Premier Agent
Show beth receiving a text from azula
Since 2017, Premier Agents Have Closed twice as many deals as Regular Agents
Reach the right home shoppers, at the right time. 
Strengthen your relationships. 
Grow your business. 
Become a Zillow Premier Agent Today.

Credit: Watts Media
My role: Storyboarding

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